Flashback: “Monkey Man” by The Rolling Stones

Have a good weekend…


Flashback: “Hot In The City (Exterminator Mix)” by Billy Idol

One of my favorite Billy Idol songs, “Eyes Without A Face” being the other. This hit the Billboard charts back in ’82, but the “Exterminator Mix” took this song to another level…

Flashback: “Dreams” by The Cranberries

A wave of sadness hit me on early Monday afternoon when I learned about the passing of Dolores O’Riordan in London. I can’t say it was because I was the biggest Cranberries fan, but because I learned in the past few years that Dolores was born the same exact day I was: September 6, 1971. She was what I call my celebrity birth date doppelganger.

If you don’t think you’ve heard this song before, you probably have. I remember hearing it on commercials promoting travels to Ireland in the mid-1990’s, and the song has made appearances in scores of TV shows and movies since. This particular song peaked just south of the top 40 in 1994, while “Linger” was their biggest hit in the US earlier in the year.

Ireland has lost one of its signature musical voices, but the recordings will endure for a much longer time. Godspeed, Dolores.

Flashback: “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” by Mitch Miller & The Gang

OK, so I’m a bit unusual…or am I a bit unique?

My favorite Christmas song has always been this song for some reason. Maybe because I was taught the song in school at an early age and I could always match up the numbers with the right lyrics, such as twelve lords a leaping.

I also find the older a version of “Twelve Days” that exists, the more I like it. Mitch Miller had one of the first number ones in the pop/rock era back in 1955 with his version of “The Yellow Rose Of Texas” in the middle of that year. He also had a TV show back in that era, with lyrics on the screen that moved with the help of a bouncing ball that followed the ancient on screen graphics of the era.

Merry Christmas…I’ll be back with a new entry on December 27th.