Fading Light

My eyesight is dwindling.

If I cover my left eye, I’m fine, but if cover my right eye, my vision is drastically reduced to where text is very unreadable, even from short distances. Even with eyes wide open, anything on a white screen gives me problems, occasionally to the point where I need the “Magnify” Windows program to see clearly if something is in tiny print.

I’m 90% sure it is just getting older and the inheritance of heredity, but the glare of the computer screen is affecting my eyes. I’ve made print larger, I use a Chrome app called “Deluminate” that dims the screen a bit. I occasionally use Firefox and the “Owl” app for it.

My mother wears glasses to read, and my father wore driving glasses in the latter part of his life. My vision was always good, though. If I was driving on the highways, I could always read the green signs on the road well in advance when I was younger.

Like I said, I think it’s just advancing age. Going to get my sight checked, well, that’s on the to-do list of my life now.


Sixes And Eights

My Snapshot_7

Wearing my peepers, March 12th, 2016.

When my mother needs tax help or to make travel reservations, she often turns to me for help and advice. Yep, she tends to be low-tech to me being a bit higher up on the technological chain. That is, unless you ask me to figure out Pinterest or Snapchat, there I draw a blank.

Recently, I did her taxes, and I screwed up on one of her employee identification numbers. I either put an 8 where a 6 should have been, or vice versa, I don’t remember exactly which error I made.

This week, I booked a flight for her on one of the airliner websites. Would you believe it? The same thing happened again, except on this occasion, I know that I put a 8 where a 6 should have been. To solve this error, I had to reset the cookies on my Chrome and reset some passwords, as it was one of those errors that “stick” to the data entered in.

As I mentioned a little over two and a half years ago, my eyes have aged to the point where I need to use glasses occasionally. I guess I need to use them more than I realize.

Contrast Comparision

I found a little gadget that works well for those of you my age who’s eyesight is dimming if you use Chrome or Chromium. I just made the switch to Chromium last week, which is more or less Chrome’s bigger and somewhat better brother if you have a 64-bit computer.

The extension is called High Contrast, and gives you several settings so that you can see the screen a bit better. My favorite is the Increased Contrast setting, which personally works wonders for me when I type these blog entries up. The one program’s drawback is that if you scroll a little too far, you may scroll all the way to China (just kidding), but it’s an extension that does a lot of good for so little harm.

My problem is that one of my eyes has perfect vision still, but the other does not. If I put my hand over my good eye, everything seen out of the bad one goes very blurry. I’ve had this problem for the past two and a half years or so (first blogging about in on July 17, 2013), and I’m told that this was the time of life my Dad’s vision started waning and that this is hereditary more than anything else.

It’s kind of technology’s way of making you feel young as you get old, I suppose.

Battle Of The Browsers

Well, I found a browser I can finally say I am happy with: Internet Explorer 11.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get Google Chrome to play YouTube videos without it turning into an unintentional rap song with the stuttering.  Firefox also presently works a tad subpar on Windows 10 with the vids, plus I have to hit reload on occasions when FF won’t load a webpage after a spell.  With IE11, I don’t have those problems.

IE11, you’re hired!

I haven’t used IE since I got re-interested in computers in 2008 after a year absence.  Project Spartan looks like something that can revolutionize web browsing, or at least kick start its stagnation.  But with a serious lack of add-ons and some more tinkering ahead likely, I can’t consider it for everyday use just yet.

Meanwhile, I’m still figuring out Windows 10’s kinks and making progress.

Battle Of The Browsers

Pauly's Desk

From the home office in Pinellas Park, Fla. 4/26/2012.

Why is it so hard to find the right browser to surf the Internet?

For instance, I like Google Chrome a lot.  It’s fast, it’s friendly.  But it doesn’t have the ability to read RSS feeds.  Even my Blackberry has that.

Then there’s Mozilla Firefox.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Firefox has the add-ons anybody would want. But there are two problems with FF.  One, it plays videos crankily.  The video often lags and catches up. Second, even with a minimum of add-ons, Firefox on my system hangs often.

Then there’s Safari.  Safari is a slick browser all right, but it’s just a little weird using an Apple browser on a PC.

Which brings me to Internet Explorer.  A good system, yes.  But every now and then, it seems to forget all of my passwords.  So every week, I’d spend 10-15 minutes typing in passwords IE should already know.

Which brings us back to Google Chrome…which is where I think I’ll stay for now.