A Day Of Bolts And Rays

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so when Chris Johnson of the Miami Marlins hit a homer to our section, self-preservation kicked in. So I ducked…

Thursday wound up being a very busy day for me, but one of those “busy” days I really didn’t mind at all.

I scored tickets to the Rays-Marlins Thursday afternoon game at the Trop, a few short weeks after going to see the Rays play the Indians on yet another Thursday. This time, me and my mother (an avid baseball fan whose childhood hero was Duke Snider) sat in Section 143, the left field bleachers. We thought we might get lucky and catch some home run balls, and sure enough, two landed in my section, one hit by Chris Johnson of the Marlins, the other by Brandon Guyer of Tampa Bay. It was not much of a game, with the Marlins winning 9-1. We left in the 8th inning when Miami built up a lead of five runs, which I usually use as an indicator that the outcome had been decided. I was home before the game even ended!

I did pick up a memento in the way of a book: Position To Win by Dewayne Staats, the Tampa Bay Rays television broadcaster. In fact, he’s the only principle TV play-by-play guy in Devil Rays/Rays history with the franchise in its 19th season. When I’m done reading the book, I’ll review it here in a blog entry.

At night, the Lightning-Penguins game took center stage, and as you know by now, it was the Bolts swan song for the season, as Pittsburgh got the 2-1 win to become Stanley Cup finalists.

A lot of fans I see on Twitter and Facebook love to talk smack with fans from other teams, but I don’t intentionally try and do that 99% of the time. What does it prove? I have no problem congratulating the other team when they win, because the world of sports is a zero-sum enterprise. Somebody always loses when somebody else wins, and if isn’t your day, there’s always the next game, or season.

Personally, I was proud of what the Bolts did this year. When Ben Bishop got hurt in Game 1, everyone feared that they’d get beat four straight. Instead, we took the Penguins to the last game, and only lost to one goal. They never quit, it was just time that out on them.


Aircheck: WINZ (South Florida), 10/10/1987

It’s Uncle Neil’s (Neil Rogers) last show on WINZ in South Florida, as he headed over to WZTA (Zeta 4, 04.9 FM) to do an FM morning drive talk show (on a rock station, no less) two days later on October 12th. He’s playing a lot of his bits on what would wind up being his last ever Saturday talk show.

Later in the show, Neil’s on and off sidekick Glen “The Bird” Hill joins in, as does Stan Major.

Now a days, WINZ is an all sports station in Miami that is the flagship station for the Miami Marlins, and WZTA is now WMGE, an all Spanish pop radio station.

Hey, Guy In Charge Of The Commercials…

Tonight is the 158th game of the Tampa Bay Rays season, and they will (as many of you know by now) won’t see any more games this year past their 162nd on Sunday in Cleveland.

While I am already making plans to watch the Rays next year (lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise), can I make one suggestion to the good people of Sun Sports?

Respectfully, could you play different commercials during a single commercial break?  Please?

I’ll give you an example of this, for those of you outside the area or who don’t watch the Rays games:

They’ll play one commercial out of the break, say it’s for Tropicana Orange Juice. Fair enough, since they play at Tropicana Field, right?

They then go to another commercial, then the next one will be another one for Tropicana.

I just find it irritating that they run the same commercial in the same stop set…I don’t know about you. Just hoping this changes come 2015, but if it doesn’t, I’ll still be here. What, you think I’m going to watch the Marlins or something?