Game Of Pundits


I’ve recently noticed something watching cable news, mainly watching FNC and CNN, and it has made me wonder what took me so long to see this.

Each network has a lot of pundits that they want you to hear. On CNN its liberal, on FNC, conservatives. What I have noticed is who each network hires to serve the opposition.

On FNC, the main liberal pundits, or the selection of them, want to give you the hidden impression that they’re flawed somehow. I see Marie Harf, a nice looking blonde woman and a former State Department spokesperson, on FNC often being shouted down on Outnumbered.

Then there’s Jessica Tarlov, who has this sound to her when she speaks friends of mine find annoying. Or Richard Fowler, who leaves some wondering when he speaks whether or not he’s gay, not that this any of my business or that he is.

CNN’s main Trump go-to guy is Jeffrey Lord, and older gentleman who serves his role well as their agent provocateur.

I think it’s like product placement in a movie or TV show really. There to distract you so you’re thinking about how they look or how they talk as opposed to actually hearing what they say. Maybe it’s been there a while, I don’t know.


The Full Melania

On Sunday, I stumbled upon that New York Post article that shows the future Melania Trump (then Melania Knauss) modeling in her birthday suit. It was fairly obvious from the round shape (and not the more oval shape) of her breasts that when those photos were taken in 1996.

Yesterday, the Post topped that with Knauss photographed naked with another female model, who was also naked.

This is why I can’t take political issues and the discussions you see on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC all that seriously. Follow things long enough, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, and you’ll see the talking points go full circle, regardless of which party best suits your beliefs. Remember when the GOP objected over Michelle Obama wearing a bare-armed dress? I guess they’ll have to keep quiet now.

As for Melania’s modeling career, hey, that’s what models do. The fewer clothes you wear, the more they pay you. I guess I’m the one guy out there that thinks boob jobs are crazy for a woman to get. I often say if I wanted to suckle silicone (or saline), I’d go to Office Depot and buy a bunch of computers.

But that’s just me.



It was another day when I spent most of the morning yesterday watching CNN and MSNBC, trying to find every morsel of news about another terrorist attack hitting another part of the world that had not been hit previously. This time it was Brussels in Belgium getting hit, with attacks on their main airport and their subway system that left several dead, the numbers ever changing, the reactions of world leaders endlessly pontificating why it happened, and how it happened.

It reminded me (and I’m probably not alone in this) of a similar Tuesday morning on a late summer day nearly 15 years ago when 9/11 happened, another day I woke up and saw the world change right before all of us.

While all of this is scary to watch, I don’t think we should be afraid of what terrorists do. As I’ve said many times before, they can’t kill all of us with any one weapon, though they may try. Whoever survives these attacks (or the next ones, wherever on whenever they occur) will bring these people to justice, and won’t rest until they do.

That being said, I’m sure these attacks will be used as a reason for freedoms in Belgium and other parts of Europe to be traded away for better security. I tend to think Ben Franklin was right a few centuries ago in that you can’t trade liberty for security, and the argument is full of flawed arguments. Then again, he did not live in our time, with enemies who only reveal themselves as they attack.

It’s also a growing concern for my family. My mother is visiting Europe in the summertime (one nation specifically that I don’t want to publicly mention), though it is a nation that I don’t think is on a terrorist hit list by Muslim extremism. Then again, I thought Belgium was one of those safe nations when I woke up yesterday, something that can no longer be said.

God bless the people of Brussels and the nation of Belgium during this trying time for their people.

Chaos In Chicago

I wonder if Donald Trump has ever heard of a California talk show host by the name of Wally George.


They do kind of look alike, no? Neither of them seem to care for so-called “troublemakers” among their midst.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the parallels:

I’ve been watching a lot of Trump rallies on YouTube live streams, because there you can see what transpires at these things unedited, unlike what you see on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Mr. Trump gives his now familiar spiel, and sooner or later, someone in the crowd yells “Trump, Trump, Trump” to alert the Donald that a protester is among them.

Donald usually pauses, and usually instructs the police and/or security to, in his words, “Get ’em out of here.” Earlier yesterday in St. Louis, in the video I posted above, he was heckled over and over again for several minutes, telling detractors to get a job and go home to Mommy.

As many of you are now aware of, there’s been some violence at these proceedings prior to last night’s fiasco, as evidenced at a recent Trump rally in North Carolina where a 78 year-old man sucker punched an African-American gentleman being escorted out for protesting.

A candidacy like Donald Trump’s should bring out the best in people, not the worst in people. It is shameful and disgusting. But much like the late Wally George, Trump seems to bring that type of criminal element out in people who want and lust confrontation. At least when Mr. George did it, it was mostly for show and for the most part harmless.

Then came the chaotic events in Chicago last night that I did not foresee when I began drafting this blog entry yesterday afternoon. While we may question the motivations of the protesters that were indirectly invited by Mr. Trump to attend these rallies merely for the purposes of being ejected for their 15 minutes of fame, the question is simple: where can Trump go from here? Does this happen again at his scheduled rallies today and tonight in Dayton, Cleveland, and Kansas City?

After the events of Chicago, Trump may gain more interest in his campaign, but the odds are that most of the people he gains will have his back for the wrong reasons, mixed among those who believe the candidate’s right to free speech have been invaded. Unless the New Yorker doubles back on his rhetoric, the events taking place last night will likely (but I most sincerely hope not) happen again, perhaps more violently, perhaps putting Mr. Trump himself in danger at some point in the future.

He has become a modern day George Wallace, and fate did not treat Mr. Wallace kindly when he was shot in 1972, essentially ending his Presidential campaign and any idea of becoming the leader of our country ever again.

Dangerous stuff, this is. It can’t end well, though I hope it will. I fear for what may come. We should NOT be killing each other over who our next President will be, and we may sadly get to that point.

Star Wars Family Values


Confession: I used to watch a lot of MSNBC when it first got started in the late 1990’s.

Another Confession: I have seen all six (up to this date) Star Wars movies. I won’t be in line to watch the newest movie on Friday, but I might catch it somewhere down the line.

An anchor named Melissa Harris Perry called the Star Wars movie series racist recently. Did she know something I didn’t? Is George Lucas hiding some white KKK robes somewhere that I didn’t know about?

Her main line of reasoning is that Darth Vader is a dark-robed and dark-helmeted villain, which she threw in with some otherwise salient points.

My point: it’s entertainment and it’s fiction. Even if the MSNBC anchor is correct in her assumptions, not everyone in the non-reality realm of fiction has to be perfect. Much like Star Trek, Star Wars doesn’t point to people of color (such as the character played by Billy Dee Williams) and points out that they have dark pigmentation, or hurl racial slurs at them.

What’s next, politically correct Nazis in a film about World War II, who say nice things about all of the races that are inferior to the “master race” of Germans?

Let’s leave racial strife where it belongs: in the past. Making ridiculous statements like this does no good.

MSNBC On 9/11

Well, that day is sneaking up on us again, with this year marking the 14th anniversary of the dastardly attacks on America by terrorists that killed some 3,000 people.

I have mentioned in previous years that I found out about the attacks watching MSNBC. Back then, I was an MSNBC junkie, long before the network became the disaster I believe it is now. A lot of the talent they had wound up on Fox News Channel, of course.

During the course of the past year, I found the MSNBC footage on YouTube, which had been up since 2013. Hadn’t seen it for years, of course.

If memory serves, they were one of the last news outlets to break in and coverage what looked like at the time to have been an ordinary plane crash of a plane into one of the World Trade Center buildings, if such a crash can be considered ordinary. About ten minutes later, with the world watching, we would (of course) come to the realization that the crash was not an accident when a second plane hit the opposite WTC tower.

If you watch the clip at 13:10 (which was 9:05 EDT), you can hear someone on mic (sounding a lot like Lester Holt) saying, “That was an attack.”

God bless all those concerned, and I hope we keep these people in our prayers always.

Brutality And Its Glorification

Was just watching the video out of Jerusalem on CNN this afternoon. There was so much blood on the floor of the synagogue where four rabbis (3 American born, 1 born in England) were brutally murdered, you’d think it was a permanent part of the floor design.

As barbaric as the butchery has been out of the Middle East in recent months between these events and the repeated beheadings ISIS/ISIL performs on Americans and British citizens there, I wonder why are the networks are giving advertising to these bastards.

If there is a better way to do this without turning CNN, MSNBC et al into a lengthy commercial for these terrorist thugs, let’s look into it, shall we? Don’t even waste time showing b-roll of these YouTube videos. Just report, and move on.