Slices From 2014

According to WordPress, here were the 10 most viewed blog entries I posted during this year:

1. RIP Dave Wagenvoord: My first boss in the radio biz passed away on April 21st.

2. The “Howie Sucks” Banner: Unearthing footage of a Thursday night NFL game in Tampa from 1980 that involved Howard Cosell and some banner trickeration.

3. Proof Of A Former Life: My first show as a board op for Stan Major at the Sun Radio Network is unearthed and archived.

4. Thanksgiving, Shortwave, and Uncle Neil: On Thanksgiving Eve, I board op another Stan Major show.  This one was picked up on WWCR, the Nashville shortwave station, which gets called from England and Canada.  A famous Miami talk show host calls me after the show who the Tampa area would get to know a few months down the road.

5. Bubba To Beasley, And Why It Won’t Work: Rumors swirl that Bubba the Love Sponge will return to the Tampa Bay airwaves in 2015, but it was my opinion back on December 3rd that Bubba and Beasley will not get along.

6. And There Goes My High School: My alma mater of Largo High School in Largo, Florida gets torn down, to eventually be replaced by a high-tech version to open in a couple of years.

7. My 2014 Predictions: Predictions I made at the start of 2014 for the coming year.  Nailed the Super Bowl prediction cold!

8. The Land Of Gerrymandering: A look at the local House of Representatives special election in March, won by David Jolly, heavily contested by Democrat Alex Sink.

9. Brutality And Its Glorification: Thoughts on how the news has desensitized us to terrorism and the brutality of the present day world.

10. Flashback Friday: “Poor Man’s Son” by Survivor: A look at Survivor’s first top 40 hit in 1981 after the passing of Jimi Jamison.

Hoping 2015 will be just as good…

Going Greyhound

I mentioned a few months ago that in 1996 I made a cross-country trip on a Greyhound bus from Marietta, Georgia to Las Vegas.  Noting how June 1st fell on a Saturday that year and this, I found myself remembering that trip over the weekend.

Greyhound is not a glamorous way to travel the country, but if you don’t mess with people on the bus, people won’t mess with you.  It’s a simple, easy rule to live by as you venture across the USA.

The route followed I-75 and I-24 up to Chattanooga, Nashville, and St. Louis.  It then went west across I-70 through Kansas City, Denver, and central Utah before sweeping down I-15 through Las Vegas.  The toughest part about the trip was sleeping, as I stayed awake for the first 20 hours of the trip before I got some sleep on Saturday morning rolling through eastern Kansas.  I had a radio with several spare batteries so I could listen to various radio stations.  Talk radio, ball games and music in the daytime, and Art Bell at night got me through the boredom.  WSM in Nashville.  KMOX in St. Louis.  KOA in Denver.  720 KDWN in Las Vegas.

Denver was the most suspenseful time of the trip, if you could call it that, as the bus that took me from Denver to points west was a couple of hours late.  Slept like a baby through the mountains of Colorado.  Although I woke up at one point smack dab in the middle of the Eisenhower Tunnel and wondered how I got there.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely I would.  Did the trip twice more in 2000, but haven’t had the chance to do it since.  Doing that trip once more would make for some pretty good blog entries, no?