Is Fox News Anti-Catholic, Or Pro-Arab?

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This is not a slam at everybody at Fox News – more or less, this is merely a pattern I’ve noticed as of late. I noticed this yesterday during the Notre Dame Cathedral fire coverage, and about a month earlier when the shooting in New Zealand took place.

They seem to be more and more anti-Catholic and more pro-Islam in recent weeks. For the purposes of this discussion, I’m not including what FNC did to Bill O’Reilly a few years ago in terminating him as there were other factors (no pun intended) with all of that.

It began last month when the New Zealand shooting took place – itself a deplorable episode. The following evening, Fox News didn’t air the show hosted by Jeanine Pirro because Pirro frequently had blasted Ilhan Omar, a congresswoman from Minnesota, for endorsing Sharia Law. While Pirro is an Arab-American, the network seemed to go out of its way not to offend one religion at the risk of others.

Fast forward to yesterday, and how Shep Smith quickly shut down talk of threats to catholic churches in previous months and years. A couple of hours later, Neil Cavuto did likewise. Smith called it all a conspiracy theory, despite talk of a threat to the Notre Dame Cathedral by ISIS members back in 2016.

If ISIS talks of an attack at Notre Dame, and there’s a fire at Notre Dame one day – and threats are made against churches in that country, and a fire recently set on a less ancient church in that very city, how is that merely conspiracy theory? The more you talk of conspiracy, the more people will think there’s a conspiracy there. For now, EWTN is starting to look good to me.