The Unexpected Gift

Still in shock that I was the recipient of an Xbox 360, December 24th, 2012.

I didn’t do too badly for someone who thought the world might be ending a few short days ago.  The Windows 8 computer was supposed to be it in terms of Christmas gifts for me, which was fine, since that’s all I wanted.

Over the weekend, my mother was peppering me with questions about Blu-Ray DVD players. as this was going to be a gift for her boyfriend for his Christmas.  So when I see her again on Sunday morning, she’s sporting not one DVD box, but two.  I asked her who else was getting a Blu-Ray, and she responds that I was getting one as well.  I wound up with a Sony, the boyfriend got a Panasonic.  My first thoughts were: why me?  I already had the gizmos a Blu-Ray player has on the Windows 8 computer, like Pandora and Netflix.  I guess she thought that I figured out how to set up the DVD system for myself, setting one up for her boyfriend would be a cinch.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.  Just before I left the boyfriend’s house, I get this bag for Christmas from him.  Having been over to his house before to watch some Buccaneers games this fall, I noticed he had an Xbox 360 with a Kinect device, and he mentioned he was trying to get rid of it for a good price.  I open up the bag, and there it was.  My mom had bought it off of him!  Needless to say, I was dumbfounded.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll enjoy the Christmas haul, but it far exceeded my expectations.

If I was 18, I guess I’d be saying “Wow!”

But at 41, I can’t help but ask “Why?”

So later on this morning, I’m off to Walmart, hopefully to quick up Madden 13, but I have several backup plans in place if the popular video game isn’t at the store for the big post-Christmas rush.  Might be there when the store re-opens at 6am, as the Tampa Bay area is supposed to get some stormy weather around midday as a cold front passes through the area.

I hope you all had a good Christmas holiday, as I know I’m already looking forward to 2013.