USA All The Way


I was just remembering back on Twitter to the night 35 years ago when the country watched (on tape-delay on ABC) a USA hockey team full of amateurs, beat a Soviet hockey teams that were probably higher than NHL level.

KTVU out of San Francisco was briefly a “super station” here in the Tampa Bay area, but they weren’t as successful as WTBS or WGN.  They were only on a few months back around 1980 on our cable system.  If you watched around 7pm East Coast time or so, they would air cartoons mixed with a show called TV Pow, where kiddies would play an Intellivision or Atari like game of some kind, using the word “Pow!” to shoot something like a fire button on a joystick would.

I’m watching this show on a Friday night when the host, Pat McCormick (not the TV/movie guy who appeared as the big fella in “Smokey And The Bandit” movies, but a local host with the same name) broke in and mentioned that the US had beaten the juggernaut Soviet team.  Knowing the result didn’t spoil it for us, as the game was a shot in the arm the country needed at the time, with the Iranian hostage crisis in its infancy and national morale being badly bruised between that and a bad economy.

My parents and I didn’t watch any hockey together, as we lived in Florida, where football and baseball were the kings of the sports world. But we each watched the game with the Russians, and then the game on Sunday that clinched the Gold medal. For that Sunday, a hockey game was bigger than a Super Bowl, and the country was behind the US team like nothing I can remember in my lifetime.

Never stop believing in miracles.  They DO happen!