BB19, Part I: But Wait, There’s (Maybe) More!

Thought I’d do a little cross promotion today.

The Big Brother Diaries


They’re in the house, but with the absence of any resemblance of solid information, we will have to wait and see what the Wednesday TV debut brings.

I’m glad to see the twists will be kept to a minimum, although there was big news on Thursday brought rumor of a 17th houseguest being added: Paul Abrhamian from BB18.

That didn’t make me happy, though he played a game last season worthy of championship status by losing out to the snaky Nicole Franzel by a mere vote in the finale which many believed (including me) that the California apparel maker had won. I didn’t even want to see even one returnee in BB19, but confidence is high that there’s at least one returnee back in the game in Paul, if not more.

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