Hey, Guy In Charge Of The Commercials…

Tonight is the 158th game of the Tampa Bay Rays season, and they will (as many of you know by now) won’t see any more games this year past their 162nd on Sunday in Cleveland.

While I am already making plans to watch the Rays next year (lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise), can I make one suggestion to the good people of Sun Sports?

Respectfully, could you play different commercials during a single commercial break?  Please?

I’ll give you an example of this, for those of you outside the area or who don’t watch the Rays games:

They’ll play one commercial out of the break, say it’s for Tropicana Orange Juice. Fair enough, since they play at Tropicana Field, right?

They then go to another commercial, then the next one will be another one for Tropicana.

I just find it irritating that they run the same commercial in the same stop set…I don’t know about you. Just hoping this changes come 2015, but if it doesn’t, I’ll still be here. What, you think I’m going to watch the Marlins or something?


West Bound And Downed

The Florida Hotel in Orlando, FL on a drizzly Friday morning. April 18, 2014.
The Florida Hotel in Orlando, FL on a drizzly Friday morning. April 18, 2014.

The trip to Orlando is now in my rear view mirror, a memory getting more and more distant with the passing days. But I enjoyed the hell out of my roughly 48 hours there.

I do have one piece of advice to any of you travelers out there: never get a hotel room near an elevator, especially in this day and age. Call it a downfall of civilization if you must, but we had a lot of people who were experts at public speaking near our room, because they engaged in it nearly 24/7 the two nights I was there. If I had one suggestion for the Florida Hotel, it would be to put signs by the elevators reminding people to shush late at night. Then again, if the hotel patrons all decided to not follow such a rule, what would the hotel do to counter that?

Speaking of the downfall of civilization, I see a lot of people sitting in the lobby, or at the mall, just sitting on their IPhones, IPads, PSP’s, Androids, banging away on their screens. Now, I do resemble this remark myself (posting a lot of pics on Instagram and some video on Vine), but it was fascinating to watch how playing with your phone or portable gaming system has replaced human conversation. No one asked me where I was from, outside from store employees.

The TV cable system is better than mine at home, most if not all the channels were available in HD, including the Rays games on Sun Sports. Having a mall to go to with an expansive food court was also a huge plus. Got a haircut there Thursday morning at the Hair Cuttery store, and afterward spent some time in the huge mall dodging all the ladies hawking wares such as lotions, phone accessories, and whatnot. I’m pretty good at dodging such salespeople, so they don’t bother me.

The hotel is about seven miles west of Orlando Airport, so you hear a lot of accents there. English accents, Spanish language accents, Scottish accents. If you go down to the lobby during the day, you might catch a bunch of women in red uniforms. British Airways stewardesses, I assume? They have a flight list at the lobby like you would see at an airport, and you see flights going to the UK, Charlotte, New York, and other parts of the world.

Needless to say, I’d absolutely recommend the place if you have the budget for it.