Super After Thoughts

Well, another Super Bowl game is in the can – and it was another unique albeit not all that artistic of an affair. The Patriots defeated the Rams 13-3 to claim a sixth NFL championship for Tom Brady to close out the 2010’s decade of Super Bowls.

It’s a shame that a lot of fans don’t appreciate Brady for what he’s done – and I wonder if there will ever be a quarterback who plays in the NFL to do what he has. I get why people hate him, for sure – but I was telling friends when the game ended that I thought the Patriots and what they’ve done the past two decades stands alone as one of the great achievements in American sports.

The Yankees won five straight titles from 1949 to 1953 – but back in a time before MLB had a draft that could equally distribute prospects out to every team, which they didn’t have until 1965. The Celtics won a string of NBA championships in the 1960’s – but there were only a few NBA teams most of that time. UCLA won the men’s college basketball title for a slew of years, back when only conference champions played in the NCAA tournament most of that stretch. Put any of those teams in the social media era of today, and yeah – I could get why they would hate on them.

Tom Brady deserves his due, and no matter what he does the rest of the way in his career, he’s the most renowned championship winning QB of all time. Maybe there’s someone out there right now who can win seven Super Bowls in the future, and maybe there isn’t. Until then, Brady deserves the mantle.

Rammed Patriots

We now know who’s playing in this year’s Superbowl – the New England Patriots, who we have seen a lot of these past two decades, and the Los Angeles Rams.

The last time these two teams met in the Big Game – the Rams emanated from St. Louis and were heavy favorites to knock off the upstart Patriots. That didn’t go so well for the Rams, as a considerably younger Tom Brady took the Pats down the field to set up a Super Bowl-winning field goal.

The Patriots are the third team to go to three straight (or more) Super Bowls in the history of the game – and could become the first team to win a Super Bowl, lose a Super Bowl, and then win it back in three successive years. I guess that would be pulling a Grover Cleveland, right?

I’m sure with two major media markets in play for the big game, interest in the Super Bowl in Atlanta will be rather high. With both semifinal games going to overtime, something that’s never occurred in NFL playoff history on the same day – they certainly left football fans across the world wanting more.

My early thinking is that the Rams would win a close game – hell, remember when Super Bowls were almost always blowouts?


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I got another number added to my age today. It’s been a peaceful birthday so far, which is how I like my birthdays as I’ve gotten to this age – so I’m happy.

Everybody on Facebook is wishing me a happy birthday – but if I didn’t disclose to social media that it is my birthday, would they know? Probably not. I haven’t posted on the FB for several days now, my “cold turkey” apparently is working this time – but I will tomorrow to acknowledge everyone for their birthday wishes.

Not too many famous people have passed on my birthday – though that changed a bit today with the death of the actor Burt Reynolds, the former Florida State football star who made it big on the silver screen. RIP.

The NFL season commences tonight, and I’m thinking the Patriots dynasty finally crumbles – and that Super Bowl LIII (counting fingers and toes – yep, we’re up to 53 now) in Atlanta will feature the Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams. But hey, I could be mistaken.

Another day in the can, almost – and “year 48” is well underway.