Trumping Syria

Just when you think you’ve got the answers, President Trump changes the questions.

I have to admit I was a bit surprised Thursday night when I found out the US had bombed Syria. I thought our President would eventually lead such an attack for humanitarian reasons. I just didn’t expect it so soon. Some will no doubt wonder if this means Trump has joined the New World Order, and some in the populist movement have already turned on him.

Personally, I’ll wait and see. Might just be the exception that proves the rule, although now the dysfunction of a leader attacking his own people with chemical weapons has now been rivaled by attacking the same country but not allowing refugees to enter the United States.

For the people in congress who whined about how our president should have sought Congressional approval: give me a break! Our last six Presidents prior to Mr. Trump have led similar attacks with varying degrees of success for various reasons. Even President Obama suggested at one point during his term that the executive branch has such a power.

But let’s go after the former businessman and not all the presidents who have done similar things going back to Jimmy Carter. Such hypocrisy drives me crazy in the sports world (such as Tom Brady deflating footballs when others did it before him and got away with it), and it drives me no less crazy in the real world.

Then again, if Comrade Putin starts to get trigger happy, the wisdom of recent moves will no doubt be questioned. 


Trojan Horse

If you’ve been following this blog for it’s nearly four years (as of December 1st) of existence, you know I’m neither the most liberal nor the most conservative person out there. I tend to think that when it comes to politics, half the people cannot be right all of the time.

But I did get a little miffed at President Obama having issues with the governors of all of these states that don’t want Syrian refugees in their backyard in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. (By the way, had they succeeded in bombing the Saint Denis soccer stadium that night, those attacks may have rivaled 9/11 in their scope.) A few of the terrorists who took part in the attacks last Friday got into that country claiming they were refugees when in fact, they were with the ISIS/ISIL terrorist group.

The whole refugee thing may prove to be one of the great political debacles of our time. Even if this was their sole attack (which even in Paris this year it was not, thanks to the Charlie Hebdo shootings), it killed over 130 people who had lives of their own, who did nothing to their assassins. Their flames have been extinguished, there is nothing we can do as human beings to bring their lives back.

My fear at this time is that we’ve given ISIS the key to the gates by doing this. I hope the history ahead of us proves me incorrect. I truly do.

Whack-A-Mole Diplomacy

So our good President wants to airstrike Syria for a chemical attack their government did on their own people last week, allegedly.

I must have missed the memo that Mr. Obama had joined the neo-cons, since this is exactly what George W. Bush would do in a similar circumstance.

So here we go again with what I call whack-a-mole diplomacy. First Iraq, now Syria, with Iran somewhere down the road still.

I got an idea. How about letting the Middle East handle their own problems? It seems like everything our government touches there in the past couple of decades has broken on us.

Our own country’s infrastructure is broken or is breaking. Why not put America first, everyone else second?

But there I go, sounding like a neo-con myself.