The Wrong Priorities

One of my former classmates was pointing out this week the futility of this “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

During the holiday weekends of summer, the various state and federal highway patrols and “keepers of the highways” remind everyone it’s mandatory to buckle up when you drive. Unless you crash in a way where your body becomes a projectile, the only person harmed by this transgression is yourself, maybe the people you’re in the car with. It used to be you could only be cited if you violated another rule, but they changed that to where not wearing a seat belt is the only thing a cop needs to see to pull you over.

What my former classmate pointed out is that texting while driving is a much more clear and present danger, but where are the laws and the penalties for doing that? Where are the commercials promising harsh penalties if you’re caught texting and driving?

I know that texting is something that can easily be covered up by the driver involved in a crash, but come on. If we’re going to legislate against stupidity, then legislate all the stupidity, and not pick and choose the stupid.