Flashback: “Freeze-Frame” by The J. Geils Band

If you didn’t catch it during the week, John Warren Geils, founder and guitarist of the J. Geils Band, passed away during the week in Massachusetts at the age of 71.

The band was founded in Worcester in 1967, but 1982 was their biggest year by far, scoring four pop hits off of their Freeze Frame album. “Centerfold” was easily their biggest hit, going to number one on the Hot 100 in the spring of that year. “Flame Thrower” and “Angel in Blue” also hit the top 40, with “Freeze-Frame” being their second biggest hit, peaking at number four.

I picked “Freeze-Frame” to play because it seemed (to me, anyway) to endure longer. If you ever go out to watch a ballgame in recent years, they always seem to use this song on the TV screens (do they still call them Jumbotrons these days?) trying to catch fans off guard.