Footnotes To Victory

I made it back to home base on Tuesday night just in time to watch the first World Series game, which the Dodgers won last night by a score of 3-1 to take a 1-0 series lead.

Here’s my little review of Victory Cruises, which I can now give you with the trip in my rear view mirror: it was the best gambling ship experience I’ve had, but not as good as casinos I’ve been to on terra firma, including the Hard Rock in Tampa. It was a nice getaway, yes, but they are in an area (East Central Florida) where no one is competing with them with what they offer.

The buffet really wasn’t a buffet where items are laid out and you can pick and choose what you could get. It was more like a lunch you’d get in school if you’re my age or a little older, and the whole setup was rushed and confusing. The servers are offering you food and I was trying to figure out what everything was, leaving me continuously asking, “What’s that?”

The slot machines looked on the old side. Didn’t see any of the newer games I’ve been seeing on Brian Christopher’s YouTube page, which prepared me a bit for this trip. It’s not like there’s some grandiose strategy you need to beat the slot machines. You hit the button, or you pull the lever, and you get a result.

They made a big deal out of everyone who won. “Congratulations, Mary. You won $600 playing (name of the slot game) on the second deck.” I’m glad I didn’t win – I don’t think I would have been okay with my win being publicized like that! It also gave the impression that people were winning small, but that no one was winning big. It would just seem to me as an outsider that if they did the reverse of what they were doing, they’d be fine.

Would I recommend going? If you were close by, yes.

Somewhere In The Atlantic

For only the second time in this blog’s history, I’m typing this from somewhere other than my home. Where I am specifically I don’t rightly know, other that I’m on the Victory Casino cruise somewhere in the Atlantic a few miles out to sea.

This was the trip I was going to take last month, but Hurricane Maria had other plans. Right now, I’m on the fourth deck, with an empty entertainment stage to my right. It’s dark in here, which kind of reminds me of the strip clubs I use to frequent when I was younger. The swaying of the boat is another experience entirely.

The main entertainment here is gambling, which like a strip club, serves the same purpose: to entertain you while ridding you of your money. Playing those slot machines did that after a brief see-saw session, which wasn’t too bad. It gave me time to write this entry. Almost like I had drawn it up, I suppose.

The bus ride over was smooth. You take 275 to 4 to a couple of toll roads, 417 and 528. It took about two and a half hours to get over here, despite a bottleneck near the Tampa Airport and another east of Tampa on I-4.

Despite the loss, I’m enjoying myself. After all, it was a gift from my mother who thought it’d be good for me to get in a getaway day. It’ll be after sunset when I get home in a few hours. Meanwhile, the sounds of nearby slot machines keep me company.

A Few Weeks Down The Road

The trip to the east coast of Florida to go on a casino cruise has been pushed back for about four weeks due to expected bad surf on yesterday.

Hurricane Maria was just a little too close, it’s wind field and area of heavy surf was just a little bit too large. Hopefully, the now scheduled October trip brings cooler weather (which for us would be 60 for a low) and lesser odds of some tropical cyclone brewing.

I was disappointed to hear about the cancellation, of course, but eyeing Maria and monitoring the Cape weather like it was a shuttle launch (remember those?), I thought it was the likely outcome.

Here’s the promo of the ship I would have been on yesterday, and the one I’ll probably be on in four weeks. Keep in mind this video is six years old, so I’m sure the cruise might actually have a few more bells and whistles added on by now.