Football On The YouTube


If you miss football “the way it used to be” on TV, you’re in luck.

The NFL channel on YouTube has been releasing full games every week as of late, as aired by the original broadcasters, with commercials taken out. Some of these games go back as early as Super Bowl VI, which took place in January of 1972 on the CBS network.

If you have the means to download YouTube material onto your hard drive (for example, the Video Download Helper that you can use with the Firefox browser), it’s a great way to build a library of classic NFL action.

Who knows if the NFL will ever be great again, to coin a phrase heard so often in 2016. But these games show the legendary players and teams at their best.


Brutality And Its Glorification

Was just watching the video out of Jerusalem on CNN this afternoon. There was so much blood on the floor of the synagogue where four rabbis (3 American born, 1 born in England) were brutally murdered, you’d think it was a permanent part of the floor design.

As barbaric as the butchery has been out of the Middle East in recent months between these events and the repeated beheadings ISIS/ISIL performs on Americans and British citizens there, I wonder why are the networks are giving advertising to these bastards.

If there is a better way to do this without turning CNN, MSNBC et al into a lengthy commercial for these terrorist thugs, let’s look into it, shall we? Don’t even waste time showing b-roll of these YouTube videos. Just report, and move on.