Flashback: “Hot In The City (Exterminator Mix)” by Billy Idol

One of my favorite Billy Idol songs, “Eyes Without A Face” being the other. This hit the Billboard charts back in ’82, but the “Exterminator Mix” took this song to another level…


The History Of NHL ’94

First, I hope everyone’s Christmas or “holiday of choice” was a good one. This is the third of three “sport shorts” I’ve been putting up on the blog the past three Wednesdays.

I used to love to play sports video games, and to some degree, I still do.  Two game series stand out from the 90’s when the gaming began to get much more realistic. One was the John Madden series of pro football games that still exists today. Then there’s the NHL series, which also still goes on to the present time.

You might be surprised to know that I thought the NHL games were slightly better, believe or not. Heck, the Madden games (correct me if I’m wrong) have never been in a movie, but the NHL series has. (Foot note: Wayne Gretzky was much better than Jeremy Roenick over time, but in the 1990’s, Wayne was fading, and Roenick was rising.)

Back to normal business next Wednesday as 2018 begins.