Scambait Theatre

In one corner, a Microsoft scammer. In another, a YouTuber by the handle of Joe Scambait – playing a character of his, the fictional Russian named Yuri Bagaschitt.

Knowing that the Indian scammer was going to access his computer, Joe had set up a “virtual machine” on his so that the scam could not harm is the main system. When the attempt is made, Yuri had some choice Hindi language for the bhenchod (Hindi for one who fornicates with his sister).

Gee, I wonder who won this battle…

Flashback: “Roundball Rock” by John Tesh

This wasn’t a hit for Mr. Tesh, but the song did make a bit of news recently with Fox Sports acquiring the rights to it for selected college basketball games, bringing the theme to a new generation of fans.

Flashback: “I Wanna Be With You (Everywhere You Go)” by Brook Benton

Here’s another one of those “What Was That Song?” mysteries from the recent holiday season – and a good place to start for 2019.

I was trying to think of who did the song most of the time it was on – and I kept thinking the performer was Tom Jones. A good guess on my part, but nope – Brook Benton performed it, a man no stranger to the pop charts in the ’50s, ’60s and early ’70s.

It looks like this was released in 1966 – but this particular song wasn’t a hit record back then, but worthy of a listen.

Aircheck: AWA Syndicated TV Outtake, 1/1/1984

In honor of the passing of Gene Okerlund yesterday (who I’ve mentioned before on here), I thought I’d share this gem.

In the scripted world of professional wrestling, you may wonder – do things ever go wrong? Yes, though most of the time such bloopers weren’t shown so that “kayfabe” (the art of thinking that wrestling was real, thus treated as if it was real) could be maintained.

Before Okerlund went to the WWF and become a household name to even casual wrestling fans, he cuts this promo in the AWA with Jesse Ventura – soon to be WWF bound himself. Ventura introduces a new tag team partner, Mr. (Masa) Saito. To get the promotional vignette “over” (to sell to the audience that they should go watch them in live matches in their local arena), Saito tries to headbutt a small piece of wood so that it breaks in half.

(In most promotions during that era, the wood board would have been broken ahead of time, then pasted together so that it would resemble being broken as a result of the villain’s karate move to promote the premise that the “bad guy” had a strong chop, a hard head, a lethal kick, et cetera.)

As you can see, they run into complications and had to abandon this singular take – but not without a good amount of laughter breaking out.

Flashback: “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had a current Top 40 hit as a Flashback, but the holiday season (and how popular Christmas songs are this year on the Billboard charts) provided such an opportunity.

Recorded in 1959, the song is currently #32 on the Billboard charts as of this week (the week ending December 22, 2018 – though Billboard ordinarily publishes the chart positions the Wednesday prior). It’s the first Hot 100 song for Martin since 1969, ending over a 49-year gap, and his first Top 40 hit since 1967.

Merry Christmas, everybody. I’ll be back with a post on Christmas Eve day.

In The News, There Are Bloopers

We’ve entered that time of year where these posts get a little less serious.

Trolling good old YouTube for some news bloopers, I found this batch. Some of the blooper material can be suggestive in the words uttered and deeds done – but I thought all of you could use a laugh with the holiday season fastly approaching.

Flashback: “Let Me In” by The Sensations

The last couple of Sundays watching the NFL games on the FOX network, I’ve seen this Cadillac commercial that had this song I didn’t recognize. I tend to think I’m pretty good at songs from the post-Beatles era onward. If I heard a few notes of any song, I could reasonably tell you the title and artist relatively quickly.

But this commercial with the song with the “wee-oo” in it – that stumped me, and I’m lucky enough not get stumped that often. Turns out that this song was a #4 hit for The Sensations back in 1962, and was covered by Bonnie Raitt in 1973.

Flashback: “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty By Nature

A #8 hit on the Billboard charts for this hip-hop group back in 1993 – which somehow doesn’t seem all that long ago. I remember it from the NBA Live 2000 video game – a neat little song.