Out On His Own Terms

You are GD right I'm talking about "Breaking Bad" today...
You are GD right I’m talking about “Breaking Bad” today…

At the start of 2013, “Breaking Bad” was just another TV show to me that I have yet to have seen. But thanks to Netflix and a little too much spare time, I watched the entire series a little bit at a time as the weeks went bad.

After a few episodes I was hooked. The acting was superb, the story-line excellent. I got caught up to speed in time to catch the final eight episodes to air on AMC these past few weeks.

(I guess you can tell what my favorite scene of BB is: the “Say My Name” scene. In fact, it’s one of my favorite scenes. Ever.)

Last night was the much ballyhooed finale, with Walter White meeting his eventual demise, but not before getting revenge on those who killed his brother-in-law Hank. It was one of those moments where the ending lived up to the hype and expectations.

A good show that I totally recommend.

Flashback Friday: Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James And The Shondells

In honor of the final episode of Breaking Bad that airs Sunday. Wonder if that episode on Sunday night might break the record for the most watched cable show in TV history. Got to think it’s got a good shot at doing so.

You Better Buy This, Or Else…

As I type this at nearly 7 AM on a Wednesday morning, Republican senators are holding a quasi-filibuster on the massive changes being made in the healthcare system. If you are of an adult age and you’re not a US senator or congressman, you either get healthcare in the next three months, or you get fined.

Now, I am not a politician…far from it.

But how can you force someone to buy something in the United States of America? If that’s what our lawmakers want, either put it in the Constitution or declare it null and void.

Our lawmakers decided to do neither.

I don’t believe political challenges at the 11th hour are going to cut it, however. I think the legal challenges to the healthcare changes, simply on the basic point that is unconstitutional to force an American citizen to buy anything are going to carry the day, eventually.

When the American people speak loudly enough, the lawmakers will listen.

My Time Is Not YOUR Time

So as of late, I get these calls from the 941 area code, which is the southwest part of my home state of Florida’s area code.

I pick up the phone and greet the caller.


I say “going once” as I’m not going to wait all day for the call.  He or she called me, therefore he or she needs to be there when I pick up.


I say “going twice” as I grow more concerned as to the whereabouts of the person who dialed me to begin with.


I wait for someone to start speak, and about three seconds later, someone does. But I have a response all ready to go.


I disconnect the line.

If you keep me waiting, I will keep you waiting.

Mass Murder Made For TV

I own a shooting video game.  Does that make me not normal?
I own a shooting video game. Does that make me not normal?

So on Monday, we had another one of these mass shootings that we seem to get at least once a year. Most of you know by now this time it was a Navy yard in Washington, DC and that 13 souls perished, including the alleged gunman.

My question is why doesn’t the media point out the similarities in all the major gun incidents of the past half century, dating back to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963?

It’s usually a lone gunman, although the Columbine High School incident in 1999 had two shooters.

It’s usually someone with mental problems, although mind control experiments could induce mental problems I would assume.

And it’s always someone who has a shitload of guns or plays too many of those shoot ’em up video games. Violent video games were blamed for the Columbine shooting as well, if I remember correctly. So why are they still around?

Anyway, I watched the news coverage (which as usual got many things wrong in the rush to get things out first) and by 2:00 in the afternoon, I had had enough. There’s something about these events and the frequency that they occur that you get desensitized by it all.

God bless the families of the victims, but this is a real life crime drama I have seen too many repeats of.

Schiano Must Go

Only took a half of football into the 2013 Bucs season before I whipped out the booze.  Shot on September 8, 2013.
Only took a half of football into the 2013 Bucs season before I whipped out the booze. Shot on September 8, 2013.

I know it is early into the 2013-2014 NFL season as I type this, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already driving me crazy.

There is a growing soap opera here in Bucs land. The press is having a field day with ongoing tension between quarterback Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano, formerly the head coach at Rutgers University.

While I realize Schiano doesn’t play on the team, I see a very undisciplined bunch out there. For the second week in a row, the Bucs committed over 100 yards in penalties and probably racked up several thousand bucks worth of fines.

Team discipline goes to the head coach.

Here’s exhibit B: late in the game yesterday with the New Orleans Saints, they lead 14-13 with a 1:10 left to go, with a 4th down and three yards to get for a first down 29 yards away from the Saints goal line. If the Bucs get those three yards, the first down lets them run the rest of the clock out since New Orleans had no time outs left.

They sent Rian Lindell to make a field goal, but the kick sailed left of the goal posts. Drew Brees and the Saints quickly go down the field, kick a field goal, win the game 16-14.

Easy to say this in retrospect, but I would have tried to get the first down in that instance. Even if the Bucs got the field goal and led 17-13, the Saints would still have gotten a final possession and a chance to win. Instead Schiano played it safe.

He played not to lose as opposed to playing to win.

All the turmoil goes to one person, and Mr. Schiano is that person. So hopefully, the Glazers are paying attention. Otherwise, they will wonder why Raymond James Stadium will be increasingly empty when the Bucs take the field. Show Schaino the door.