The Rainbow Connection

Facebook reminded me I shot this ten years ago today – November 11, 2009. It must have just rained or something – so I caught this 🌈 on my old digital camera.

The Artiste In Me

It’s one of those times in life that I haven’t found a hobby, but yet a hobby has found me.

Clip2comic is an iPhone app where you put in a photo and it makes cartoon out of it. And so, I’ve been taking photos of famous people and ran them through the app.

Sometimes it comes out well, sometimes it doesn’t, but I always seem to find the one color setting that works the best.

I think it gives these photos a bit of fresh air.

My Lightning Rules

Photo by Philippe Donn on

It’s one of those afternoons I am writing this blog when I hear distant thunder rolling in the background and the pitter-patter of some rain. In the Florida summer, this happens quite a bit – and it wouldn’t be totally unusual that you can get several days in a row where it rains at last part of the day.

It also isn’t that unusual that the storms get a little loud and rowdy. Having lived in Florida all of my life except two years (I lived in Georgia for about nine months in 1996 and North Carolina for a year in 1999 and 2000), I thought I’d mention my go-to tips for those of you when you get one of those kind of storms.

If you see the power flicker in your home, or you hear thunder within three seconds after you see a flash of lightning – that would be a good time to turn off the more important appliances in the house or apartment. Turn your air conditioner off, and turn your TV off before mother nature turns it off for you. If your landline phone rings or you’re in the middle of a call on one – get off the phone as soon as you can.

I leave a computer on but on battery power – and I usually have some device handy where I can count off 30 minutes which could also be a cell phone for you, alternatively. Most summer storms in my area are over within that much time. However, if you’re still hearing loud thunder or there’s still a three-second or less gap between lightning flashes and hearing thunder, wait it out a bit more.

Finally, it’s also a good time to check on any animals you may have. I usually put my cat Harry in an indoor back area for the evening to get a well-rested sleep, but if there’s a storm making noise after I’ve done that – he comes back in for the time being. I wouldn’t say he’s afraid of storms like a dog would more likely be, but he definitely “thanks” me for taking him in a bit longer.

As this entry concludes, the claps of thunder are still soft enough to be distant – though the rain’s intensity has picked up some. That’s not a bad sign, because the ground will now be damp enough to prevent more ear-splitting thunder claps. Today, turning off the A/C or the TV shouldn’t be an issue, but no two storms are alike.

Flashback: “Just Another Night” by Mick Jagger

With Mick Jagger in the news as of late needing a heart valve replacement, I’d thought I’d look back at his biggest solo hit – peaking at #12 on the Billboard charts in 1985.

Rae Dawn Chong, the daughter of comedian Tommy Chong, is the female lead in the video whom Jagger’s character is trying to woo.

Kitty Shrink

A recent photo of my cat Harry, who turned nine July 4th.

They cut the lawns on Monday morning, perhaps other times during the week depending on whether or not it rains while they attempt to do the work. 

If I’m home, someone will complain about the lawn crew adamantly in his own way. That being is my cat, Harry. He will jump up on my bed and sleep, or go under it if the lawn personnel are nearby. 

In my observations with cats in my life, which wasn’t all that much before Harry came into it, cats simply don’t like noise. Yet it’s something to see a middle aged cat cower like an infant and display a sudden need for protection and attention. 

The Green Apple Quick Step

At my local DMV, July 13, 2017.
I’m not going to say where I had lunch Thursday afternoon, but something I ate there gave me a bad case of diarrhea that I haven’t had in a few years. 

Nothing worse than that feeling of having to go to bathroom, and having to sprint to it before things get really messy, if you catch my drift. 

Sleeping the past few days was a bit difficult, because I’d go to bathroom, get in bed, hear my stomach rumble like a Florida thunderstorm, rush to the bathroom, and then the whole process repeats itself a half dozen times over. Grabbing a few winks was not a desirable option, because then you might miss a few procedural steps, if you get my drift. 

The moral of the story? Always keep some Coca-Cola or some other soft drink handy. It does work wonders on an upset stomach. Oh, and a good supply of toilet paper doesn’t hurt either. 

Might not hurt to stay away from undercooked egg rolls too.