If Tim McCarver Is A Genius, What Does That Say For The Rest Of The Geniuses?

Ed Berliner over at Sports Media Masters reminded me of this gem I heard over the weekend from ace FOX Sports baseball analyst Tim McCarver:

During the sixth inning of a Milwaukee Brewers-St. Louis Cardinals game at Busch Stadium, McCarver made the observation that climate changes are the cause for the explosion of home runs in recent years.  Watching this at home made me think two things.

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Jimmy Kimmel: White House Correspondents Dinner

A little levity to liven up the blog a bit.

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel (remember that “Man Show” of his on FX, if I remember right…and his over usage of the word juggies?) in DC at the White House Correspondents roast…err…dinner last night.


Wait a minute.  That’s not Kimmel.  That’s President Obama!  Here’s Jimmy Kimmel:


Radio Free Agency: Valentine Communications, 1995-96

After my fifth and final run with the Sun Radio Network in 1995, my radio future was looking bleak.  I had already made plans to move to Marietta, Georgia in February of 1996, helping my mother and her boyfriend with their business, which was getting offices and businesses set up with phone lines for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  It was, outside of my month or so foray to White Springs, my first move outside of the area I had grown up in, the Tampa Bay area.

As Sun was quite literally setting, I got a call from Tom Valentine, host of Radio Free America sponsored by Liberty Lobby.  Like many SRN shows, RFA was making plans to find another means of syndicating itself for broadcast.  He asked if I’d be interested starting up Valentine Communications under “new digs” (as he would say) just down the road in Feather Sound at WBDN’s new headquarters.

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Battle Of The Browsers

Pauly's Desk
From the home office in Pinellas Park, Fla. 4/26/2012.

Why is it so hard to find the right browser to surf the Internet?

For instance, I like Google Chrome a lot.  It’s fast, it’s friendly.  But it doesn’t have the ability to read RSS feeds.  Even my Blackberry has that.

Then there’s Mozilla Firefox.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Firefox has the add-ons anybody would want. But there are two problems with FF.  One, it plays videos crankily.  The video often lags and catches up. Second, even with a minimum of add-ons, Firefox on my system hangs often.

Then there’s Safari.  Safari is a slick browser all right, but it’s just a little weird using an Apple browser on a PC.

Which brings me to Internet Explorer.  A good system, yes.  But every now and then, it seems to forget all of my passwords.  So every week, I’d spend 10-15 minutes typing in passwords IE should already know.

Which brings us back to Google Chrome…which is where I think I’ll stay for now.

Radio Free Agency: Sun Radio Network (One More Time), 1995

I still have my FCC card from 1991, 21 years later, 4/24/2012.

Another new year dawned, and it began to dawn onto me that it was possible that I wouldn’t be spending my seventh straight year working at the radio business at some point during the course of the year.  I was working the odd jobs here and there, preparing for a life without this addictive business.

In early February 1995, I get another fateful call from Sun Radio Network operations manager Stan Anderson.  Openings were again available at SRN, and I was asked if I wanted to work there for a fifth time.  Even though this was making me the Billy Martin of board operators (the late New York Yankees manager that was hired and fired by George Steinbrenner repeatedly), I accepted.

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The Last Farewell

A thought occurred to me this morning about everything going on in the spring of 2012.

We have a war on terror declared over by the Obama administration, but yet there has been no announcement that the TSA screening (that some would call groping) at the airport will be stopping anytime soon.  Nor will our military be leaving the Middle East in the near future.

You have a congress now desperate to put any controls on the Internet any way they can.  SOPA has now become CISPA, and should CISPA fail, they’ll come up with something else to distract us just enough to get their legislation passed.  Look over here at this shiny new Android phone, people!

We have two candidates for the US Presidency yelling and screaming about how different they are when they are not that different at all.

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Radio Free Agency: People’s Radio Network, 1994

So after my second and third tours of day at the Sun Radio Network, and with the fall of 1994 at hand, I began to wonder if my radio career was coming to an end.  I was looking into doing some other things with my life.  Back then, for instance, it was pretty easy (not to mention pretty sleazy) to get a telemarketing job in the area.  It was like doing a talk radio show for one person, but that one person could say pretty nasty things to you!  Pretty tough to earn a living that way.  The same dynamics are in play there that were in play in the radio business: low wages (although you can earn higher if you sell well, and management usually doesn’t want you to), and no benefits.

After going to a Kirby vacuum selling seminar over in Tampa for a guy who could have easily impersonated German actor Klaus Kinski, I got a call from Michael Crose.  Crose did a gardening show on SRN and many other places (and still does in 2012), and was a big believer in a product called diatomaceous earth that was the source of many of our commercials in the early 1990’s.  Try saying that fast ten times.  His mission: to get me to produce shows up in White Springs, Florida for PRN, the People’s Radio Network founded by Chuck Harder.

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