About Big Pauly

Shot in Pinellas Park, Fla. in 2009.

Shot in Pinellas Park, Fla. in 2009.

1971-75, The Evolution: 

I was born at Sun Coast Hospital, Largo, Florida. Learned to read by reading TV Guide and watching game shows, along with the usual suspect TV shows such as Sesame Street and the Electric Company.

1976-89, The Early Years:

Attended Anona Elementary, Largo Middle School, Largo High School. At LHS, I did the P.A. announcing for football and basketball games, served in the Spanish Honor Society, and was on the Student/Principal’s Advisory Committee.

1989-96, Radio Days:

Worked in radio as a board operator/engineer, occasionally got behind the microphone. I began at WTAN at midnight on October 8, 1989, and nearly worked one day shy of a year there. In late 1990, I worked both at Sun Radio Network and WEND 760 AM in Brandon, which was at that point the flagship station for SRN. I worked there until May of 1993, then got a job at what was then 570 WHNZ (now at 1250 on the dial in a multi-station swap back in the late 90’s), which then was a daytime all-news station.

In the fall of 1993, I left WHNZ and went back to WEND, which was now WBDN, had moved from Clearwater to Brandon, as was no longer part of the Sun Radio Network. When that job fell apart for me, I went back to SRN for the tail end of 1993 into 1994. In the fall of ’94, I had moved to White Springs (just outside of Lake City) and was a producer at Chuck Harder’s People’s Radio Network for about a month.

It was back to SRN again in February of 1995, staying there seven months. It looked like I was going to get to do a talk show of my own in September of that year, but it was announced shortly thereafter that the network was going to fold on the night of October 31, 1995. I worked for Valentine Communciations for a few months at the end of ’95 and the start of ’96, but I was off to the Atlanta area for a fresh start.

1996-2000, I’ve Been Everywhere, Man:

Moved around a lot, worked a bit less. Lived in Marietta, Ga. most of ’96, came back to Largo, back up to Charlotte in 1999 and 2000, back down to Largo in 2000. Also tried living in Las Vegas twice in that time frame. Worked at Home Shopping Network when I lived in the Bay area, also worked as a janitor at Wal-Mart in busy southeast Charlotte overnights.

2000-2007, Apartment Wars:

Lived at Imperial Palms Apartments in Largo, and was evicted in 2007 for reasons unknown to this day. I was cited by management for the heresy of slamming a door in October 2006, with the management of the complex didn’t even ask for my side of the matter. After several moments of controversies there, such as one of their workers getting caught stealing a tenant’s pills in 2006, it was good to finally get out of that petty dictatorship and not deal with those crazy people.

2007-2012, Back To Life, Back To Reality:

After my embattled stay at Imperial, life returns to normal, as I currently reside in Pinellas Park, Florida, and it’s been a much more quiet and enjoyable stay.


2012- present, A Life Of Writing

In November of 2012, I began writing E-Books for Kindle.  The first one was titled “Confessions Of A Telemarketer” which was my first creation. I’ve written four other books to date, none of which sold all that well, for one reason or another.



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