He Lived It Up

Tedd Webb, a local radio legend, passed away yesterday at the age of 72.

To describe Tedd as just a talk radio host would be an injustice, though. He was also a fixture in wrestling (doing commentary for the short lived NAWA out of Raleigh in the early 90’s) along with many appearances on TV over the years here in the Tampa area.

A younger version of myself once called his WFLA radio show “Sports Huddle” when ex-Chiefs head coach Hank Stram was on. Steam was famous for being a chatterbox during Super Bowl IV, with NFL Films micing him up for that big game.

When I first got started building websites on AOL’s version of WordPress, Tedd’s site linked to my homemade concoction.

Tedd saw our area rise from what it was to the past to the eleventh biggest market in the country. It must have been quite the ride.

Two For The Price Of Four Fifths

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

I swear to God that this happened yesterday – and it’s making me wonder if Walmart Plus is a good bet after all.

Thursday, I put in my order to Walmart as I usually do the day before I want a delivery to take place. This gives me time to check for errors in what I order, and if I need to add anything. Friday morning arrives, and I get a nearly totally incorrect order. The only thing the delivery had right was the bananas.

I’m telling the delivery driver this – and of course it’s not the driver’s fault this happened, logically. But this has turned into a fiasco similar to what the Social Security people are dealing with getting their stimulus money – you know someone fouled up (I was using another “F” word frequently), but whom really didn’t matter.

I call the Walmart customer service people who refund the money I spent considering it’s almost an entirely different order.

“But what about the stuff I got that I wasn’t supposed to get?” I asked. I was essentially told: keep it, or donate it.

Later in the afternoon, I get the stuff I was supposed to get all along by reordering it. I’m going to need a GPS to find a few things in my fridge for a while, but I essentially have $200 worth of groceries only laying out $75-$80 for it.

Anyone need some Readi Wip?

Pay The Man (And The Woman)!

The first two rounds of stimulus money went flawlessly. The third round has become a sick joke.

People on Social Security still (as of 6:45pm EDT on 3/24/2021) hasn’t hit my mother yet, who is on its retirement plan. No one knows anything about when or how this comes, unlike the two 2020 waves (well, one was 2020-21) when the public was kept involved and informed.

I know there are other crises gripping the country at t he moment – like the crisis at the border, and the latest mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado. It just seems like the media cares very little that some 60 million Americans are being left in the lerch.

The big question is WHEN? Those on Social Security and other disabilities are waiting for an answer – and the silence is so deafening that most on Congress can’t even hear it.

I don’t care who is doing it. I don’t care about why. Just pay these people so they don’t have to suffer anymore.

In The Middle Of GLOW

I reacquainted myself with Netflix in the past week or so. One of the shows I wanted to watch was GLOW – a comedy based on the 1980s wrestling show.

In my neck of the woods of the Tampa Bay Area during the 80’s, GLOW aired on Channel 32 which wasn’t on our cable system, usually at an odd hour. If you played hooky from school or had your old TV antenna set up the right way, you could watch it. It was only a half hour long, usually two or three very short matches with a lot of short skits in-between.

The Netflix show, which doesn’t use the characters the 80’s show had probably to copyrights and so forth, has been pretty good. Marc Meron has stolen the show as the often frustrated director – reminding me a lot in mindset to the late Chuck Barris.

I’m currently in the early third season, and it’s been pretty good thus far. I’ve read they had plans for a fourth season, but COVID nixed those plans. Hopefully they can get it in once the virus passes, if it ever does.

Enough Already!

I’m a bit pissed off today – which should make for interesting reading.

I got my stimulus money today, but my mother who is on Social Security did not. Apparently a large chunk of those on disability and SS didn’t either. The IRS haven’t even mentioned a date as to when those in my mom’s situation can get theirs.

It would have been nice for the media to mention this note of importance. But as the President prior to our current one often noted, you can’t really rely on the media to tell us all what really matters.

The Twitterverse is carrying on with the mental masturbation as to when those who should have gotten their checks today get theirs in reality. My guess is as good as yours.

The IRS has the information on file, and they had no trouble with releasing the money on the first two waves.

As much as I appreciate the helicopter money, I wish this all came to an end. All the angst as to when the money actually comes and all the delays here and there – it’s not worth it. I’m going to do everything I can to not be dependent on this if there is a next time.

That is, if the economy holds together in the next few months. Or God knows what happens with the pandemic, like having to wear 15 masks and a piece of Pepperoni on your left cheekbone.

Scenes From The Third Stimulus

Photo by John Guccione http://www.advergroup.com on Pexels.com

Uncle Sam is giving most of us some more money once again. If you have an account with one the big banks, that day is likely tomorrow. If you have an account with a not so big bank, check your account – as it already may be there/

I think it’s very unlikely there will be a fourth check – because one of two things likely happen. One, we recover from the COVID virus and life goes back to normal in some fashion. The other possibility: all the variants of the virus outrun the vaccines (and the reports of problems with them as has been evidenced in Europe), and we all wind up on some sort of a basic monthly universal income due to a mass economic crash and/or unemployment.

I have no idea which of the two scenarios – mainly because what’s normally predictable in our society has been anything but as of late. We are essentially guinea pigs used to stimulate the economy, and if those in charge don’t like how the experiment goes, there are no more experiments.

All I can do is put the money to good use the best that I can. There is a lot of hope out there this spring of 2021 – but maybe we’re just seeing what we want to see and not the reality of what’s out there.

Figuring Out A Modern Day Riddle

I’m probably spending way too much time on Tik Tok as of late. I’ve noticed these strange videos of politicans, actors and actress, at whanot singing this strange song. Or put another way – their photo was altered so that it appeared they were singing this strange song.

So you don’t fall into the time trap I did, I thought I’d explain this a bit.

These videos use an iPhone app called Avatarish. I don’t know if you can get it on Android devices or not. You take a still photo, look for a song called Ma Ya Hi, and presto.

The song is from a Romanian boy band called O-Zone which was a hit in the first decade of the 21st century sometime around 2004 . The song is called “Dragosea Din Tei” with the clip coming 54 seconds into the video.

Apparently, this is something on Tik Tok to the Ice Bucket Challenge – except the video seems to have less of a useful purpose.

Democracy Simply Doesn’t Work

I watched the Senate on C-SPAN 2 last night trying to pass this latest COVID stimulus bill that would give us peasants another $1400 check. Republicans are doing everything they can to stall the bill’s eventual passage.

The GOP are upset that there’s too much “pork” in the bill – projects that boost the election chances of various members of Congress with localized projects. Of course, when the GOP had control of Congress they did the same thing.

We also shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Republicans were all for stimulus packages when Donald Trump was President – which means the Democrats were all against it before they suddenly were for it.

Sadly, it’s only the latest reminder of how treacherous the political world is. If I were then, I wouldn’t piss the people off too much. Scenes like what we saw on January 6 could easily happen again – and this time the former President isn’t around to be scapegoated.

Tiger’s Fate

When I heard the news for the first time last week, and saw the first images from the crash site – I thought we had lost yet another sporting legend too soon.

Between the Kobe Bryant crash and the reminiscences of the senior Dale Earnhardt’s fatal Daytona wreck of 2001 – this was all to familiar a scene.

Fortunately for us, and probably due to Tiger keeping himself in great physical shape, he survived the crash. One of his legs was badly damaged, needing rods and screws for immediate mending. Sports experts have already speculated whether or not he ever lays competitively again.

Did they already forget Tiger won a US Open in 2008 on practically a broken leg?

I look at it his way: if he doesn’t return, he had a hell of a career. If he does return, it’s another added dimension to an already incredible story. What he chooses to do is up to him.