A Tale Of Two Rokus

Last week, I picked up a couple of Rokus at Walmart.com for $20 each. I thought I got a good deal on it as it was relatively close to Amazon’s Prime Day. When Amazon has a sale, it seems like everyone else has to have a similar sale.

No, I don’t intend to get every streaming service under the sun. I’m starting with Paramount Plus, maybe getting Peacock later. Roku offers a lot for free on their channel – and since I’m more or less an old school TV guy, it fits my needs.

Netflix has a lot out there, and I’ve used them in the past including a stretch this year. I’m more interested with what I’m familiar with and not something I don’t know of that I could get addicted to.

Yes, I do think you can get addicted to streaming, just as you can with computers, just as you can with booze and weed. It’s always a battle of will power no matter where you go – if you have no will, you have no power.

Yes, I’ve learned that the hard way.

Take Me Out To The Virtual Ballgame

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve developed a hobby of playing lower-tech sports games and airing them on YouTube at night, occasionally in the afternoons.

I’ve been wanting to pick up another such game for baseball. Out Of The Park is usually my jam, but I think the only drawback is that it can do everything – and sometimes what you want to with it is too complex.

Enter Action PC Baseball by Dave Koch Sports. One of the things I enjoy with the football games is the historical set, where you can use almost anyone who played in the NFL from 1940 onwards.

The baseball game has a similar set, using anyone who played in the MLB from the game’s inception in 1876. To me that’s the “porn” of these games. How would the best handle the best? How would Gerrit Cole handle Babe Ruth?

Anyway, I enjoy tinkering with these sort of things.

Invasion Of The Hoochie Mamas

It’s one of those things in life where I don’t know what I’m doing right, but whatever.

I get loads of followers on Instagram for some reason. They’re usually what I call “Instagram hoochie mamas” showing off the endowments God gave them, or a plastic surgeon of some relative skill.

That I don’t mind.

What bugs me is every time I go on IG to follow back those who follow me – I get messaged. Now a days, I can’t go more than a couple of minutes without the hoochie mamas buzzing me.

Just as I simply turn off the ringer on my phones thanks to the scams they represent, I simply mute the buttinskys in IG. And that fixes that.

The Hobbyist

Everyone has a hobby – even if the hobby is quirky. As of late, mine has been sports gaming of mainly a low-tech nature.

I’ve been doing such a channel on YouTube to the point where I now have a Facebook group for it. It’s now expanded to board games, which I play on the channel once or twice a week.

A few days ago, I even started interviewing others in the field on a show I call The Meet. Looking forward to building that up.

The winds of change will always blow in ways no one can foresee. For now in terms of this particular hobby, things are running well.

The Next Jake Paul? Probably Not

Sorry for the lack of blog entries as of late. But I have been a few other places.

On Friday and Saturday, I’ve appeared on the YouTube channel of AlRedSoxFan. One talking about a computer wrestling sim called Wrestling’s sim, another just being general chit chat with Dave Gardner, co-host of the Digital to Dice Podcast.

Thinking there may be a future in this if time and fate allow it.

Here are the chats in chronological order.

The Hometown Football League

I completed my first major sporting project last night – something called the Home Town Football League. I thought I would share it on my “normie” blog.

Back in the spring when we were first dealing with the seemingly unfathomable changes in the sporting world due to the virus, I came up with this idea. Instead of taking the best players of all-time and putting them on mythological NFL all-time franchises, why not divvy up the all time greats for the cities they represented?

So, the HTFL was born. At first, I did every game that I could barring any technical issues. By the fall I cut back in order to complete the project – first to 10 games of the week (showing box scores and recapping the games I didn’t do videos of), then five to get the project in step with the real NFL schedule.

Eight months later and 200-plus videos canned, the project was completed. I am hoping to do a second season in the fall, with a new twist to it. But here’s the playlist of all the videos I put together, if anyone is interested.

The Trouble With 24/7

Maybe Albert Einstein is right, and I need to realize it – doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is insanity.

So here’s the skinny of my 24/7 redux of the past month: I don’t recommend going there. I nearly passed on orientation day, to be honest with you – because I was told the day of orientation and the day I picked up the computer equipment would be seperate days. With no notice, they reduced my notice to only a few hours where I had to pick up the equipment – so reluctantly, off I went.

I trained for eight weekdays – and I began to notice similarities between training in 2015 and training in the here and now. They tell you it’s a doable job, while reminding you of how impossible it all sounds simultaneously. They want you to be accurate – but they also want seemingly impossible speed out of you. They tell you what to write down after they already mentioned what to write down, so you’re constantly asking for what it was that was just said.

They also don’t allow you to simulate the conditions of the calls with any degree of realism, kind of like how a telemarketing organization would do. I doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would take a larger than normal young man and ask him to play offensive tackle the next day – and you wouldn’t send men into space without simulating the conditions that would happen, or could happen.

What I got out of 24/7 is that it’s no skin off their nose for you to fail – they want you to go elsewhere, because they still make money by you not ever making it to the optimal pay rate. Or, maybe you thought this was your dream job and you signed up for the healthcare they offer? Well, I didn’t. You’d think I’d learn this the first time out, and I didn’t. Oh, well.

Time Warping The Virus

As crazy as it sounds, recently I had dream – what if the COVID virus (or something like it) hitting us now in 2020 somehow managed to hit us in, say 1985?

Actually, this dream would (at least in my theory) be a nightmare. If this virus (or if something like it) hit in 1985 – we would not have had a “contingency infrastructure” to survive it. Again, this is just my pedestrian insight tackling a very hypothetical question.

We probably would have been looking at the 2020 worst-case scenario of 1 out of every 100 people in this country dying. Would we have known in 1985, for example, to socially distance from each other – and on top of that, would that have worked out as well in the 80’s as it did in 2020? But again, how can you call 90,000 people dying from COVID so far (if the numbers are accurate) a success?

On the other hand, I don’t think the matter would have been constantly politicized had it happened in President Reagan’s era. In my vision – the Democrats and the GOP would crunch the numbers, figured our we were screwed, and worked together for us. Much like now, the economic impacts would probably have been quite severe – leading to significant change to keep the country going, if possible.

Maybe we would have gotten stipends from the government as played out in 2020 with the $1,200 checks that were doled out – but in 1985, where would we have spent that money to keep the economy flowing? Either the businesses would have stayed or remained closed, gone out of business – or some combination therein.

Yep, a scary scenario to look at, I know. Almost a blessing it happened now in comparison.

The Arrival

The new computer arrived yesterday. First, a farewell to my old notebook, which served me well over nearly seven and a half years.

UPS, which brought the new computer over to me, introduced a way to track where the truck is in correlation to my home. At about 2:00 pm I looked – and it was a few blocks away. Lights, camera. action!

After about an hour of easy assembly, and maybe not even that long – off it went. I did have a bug late in the afternoon where resetting screen resolution too big made the monitor stop working. I plugged the computer into the VGA port of my TV (thank God I had one), and that was fixed right up.

Dude! I’m Getting A Dell!

For the first time in nearly seven and a half years, I’m getting a new computer – and it should get here Wednesday. It was too good of a deal (at least in my view) to pass up – even if I have go back to using a desktop to get it. (I got the computer for $285, not the $319 price it’s listed for as I type this a few days after my purchase.)

It’s also the first computer that I’ve had that wasn’t an HP since 2008 – and I’ve never owned a Dell computer before.

Laptops have their pros and cons, for example – if the power goes out, so does your computer. But my work future and hobbies may involve sitting behind a computer for some time, so why not have a faster computer with more RAM and more modern bells and whistles?

The only drawback is the shipping time – and with the Coronavirus not officially over yet, everything takes longer to get from point A to point B. Under normal conditions, it would probably take half the time, or even less. But it is what it is.

Land Of Confusion

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m beginning to see the virus wear people down.

There’s viral video out of a Home Depot (I think) in St. Petersburg of a very overweight woman parading around without clothes on and being disruptive. At the press briefing yesterday, President Trump got into it with a Fox News reporter, John Roberts.

I did taxes for my mother last night – who is on Social Security. The IRS and Treasury Department said that even if someone was on social security or an otherwise low income, they would still need to file. Last night, they changed all of that – saying that if you’re on Social Security – you don’t need to do anything, and that they’d send another $1200 by direct deposit to the bank account where that was set up.

A “fog of war” seems to be setting in. I hope what I am seeing isn’t true.