A few short months ago, passing gas was a rarity for me.

Now at 40, it comes much more easily.

I guess father time turns any guy into a gasbag eventually.

So here I sit in bed, pressure pushing you know where.

Where’s Paul Boomer and Lord Windesmere when you need them?

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We Are The Law

A reminder to those of you who pass the laws in Washington, DC:

Even if you’re all together, and you’re not all together, there are 546 of you.  That’s counting all the congressmen, senators, the president, vice president, and the nine members of the Supreme Court.

Yes, you may wield all the power.

But may I just remind you that there are 312,000,000 of us or so.

One percent of us would be, roughly, 3,120,000.

An army of 3,120,000 against an army of 546.

Quick, which army is going to win?