We Are The Law

A reminder to those of you who pass the laws in Washington, DC:

Even if you’re all together, and you’re not all together, there are 546 of you.  That’s counting all the congressmen, senators, the president, vice president, and the nine members of the Supreme Court.

Yes, you may wield all the power.

But may I just remind you that there are 312,000,000 of us or so.

One percent of us would be, roughly, 3,120,000.

An army of 3,120,000 against an army of 546.

Quick, which army is going to win?

Why Can’t Christmas Just Be Christmas?

Christmas brings out the best in us, but also the worst in us.

The greed over gifts, the greed over the next big toy.

Over the years, I’m guilty of this as well.

I thought Christmas was supposed to be a time of joy.

Have we forgotten who this day is for?

I’m not overly religious, but I do believe in God.

I believe he pays us all a visit when it is our time.

I also think he’s unhappy with us for the greed we do this time of year.

We only get a certain amount of Christmases.

And who knows which one will be our last?

Just remember to treat everyone right as the holiday season comes to a climax.

It’s not only Santa Claus who knows if you’ve been bad or good.  It’s also G-O-D.

The Kindle Nerd

Read this before it's gone, folks...just sayin'.

You know that show Hoarders?

When it comes to Amazon and Kindle, I have become a bit of a book hoarder, physically and electronically.

I made a discovery a couple of weeks ago that you can get all kinds of books on Kindle for nothing. I download Kindle for both my PC and my Blackberry Curve 8530, and I was off. You can also get a lot of phyiscal books on Amazon for a penny, plus a nominal charge for shipping and handling.

For some reason, I like books about gambling.  Maybe because life in general is a gamble. So I downloaded Richard Roeper’s book Bet The House, where he gambles every day for 30 days, kind of like what Morgan Spurlock did in Supersize Me by eating at McDonald’s for 30 days.  Ever seen that one? It will make you think twice about your food.

Romance novels are remarkably cheap. There’s one book that I downloaded that deals with a sexual tryst between a stepdaughter and a non-biological stepfather.  I know: yuck, and no, I did not find the book sexually appealing.  To balance that out, I downloaded the Bible and the United States Constitution.  Download the latter before your leaders of choice tear that to shreds.

Classic books are also available for free if you look at the right places. For instance, Jules Verne’s Around The World In 80 Days you can get gratis. But right now, I’m waiting for a book that I ordered to finally be mailed to me, Lay The Favorite by Beth Raymer. Yep, another gambling book, although this one will be movie next year starring Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Heard it was excellent, though.

More to come on this as days and weeks progress…