The Afghanistan situation continues to incrementally get worse.

Today wasn’t an exception to the rule. Two suicide bombers completed their missions today despite all warnings. As of this writing time of 2 pm August 26th, ten American marines are known dead – and media warn that our toll could be more.

Press conference after press briefing has gone by with scant information released that the people want to hear. There’s always something missing from the facts. In the instances President Biden has spoken, he either takes prearranged questions or he fails to take any.

It’s very rare for terrorists to call their shots – to make a threat and then execute it. Today, that happened.

The (current, as of this writing time) silence is deafening. No one at this moment knows what will happen next, or even if anything will happen next. It is a most confusing time, reminiscent of the hours after 9/11.

It’s almost a certainty now that Americans will be left behind in Afghanistan. The real tragedy is it all could have been avoided.

The Emperor Has No Brains

So I’m not much a pundit – and the world didn’t seismically shift this past Wednesday, August 11. What did happen no one seemed to see coming, but has united the left and the right of the United States against a President who, to be most kind, seems to prefer his vacation time as opposed to running the country.

Afghanistan fell back into the hands of the Taliban, and for some reason the change in power didn’t pique the interest of Joe Biden. Don’t ask me why or how – if the experts don’t know I see on TV, how can anyone else like little old me know?

We’ve gotten the usual fantasy scenarios of impeachment and Biden being booted vis a vis the 25th Amendment – but let’s face it, nothing changes overnight most of the time. The Taliban would probably disagree with that of course.

If anyone asks me what I think – I’d say Biden is the “closer” for the New World Order, and America is in its ninth inning. They’ve set things up in the first seven months where one of many incidents could trigger a “critical mass” event that sinks our country. It’s too early to say for sure if the Kabul collapse could be that incident – but if not, the whole COVID situation and the constant push to make sure everyone wears a mask or gets the shot triggers something.

One example that seems plausible to me: they’ve asked the military to get vaccinated. If members of the military decide not to get the jab and are discharged, then we have less manpower in the military defending the country. China sees that, starts licking their collective chops, and starts provoking the US. Biden keeps ignoring the problem (because why would have lift a finger against them considering they gave have a billion plus in money) – and suddenly China invades the western part of the country.

Far fetched? A week ago I would have said yes.

What Shoe Drops Next?

It is the evening of August 12, and I keep getting the feeling something big is getting ready to happen – and the non-events of 8/11 didn’t diminish that sense for me.

It looks like we’ll have another tropical storm threat in Fred in a couple of days, but that’s the least of my worries – though I’m trying to think of the last time Tampa Bay was threatened by consecutive tropical storms or worse.

You keep reading of a school board here mandating masks for kids, and a company there mandating everyone get vaccines that don’t seem to work all that well. The world seems to have decayed into a series of contradicting rules – and God forbid you misremember which rule goes where.

Freedom has gone the way of the dinosaur – and obedience to rules now seems to be what we must try to follow. Bureaucrats have never been so interested in our health – usually, they don’t care if we live or die.

The sun is going down in America – and I don’t like it.

If This Is It, Please Let Me Know

There is strong rumor out there that today may be one of the unique days in our history. Then again – it may just wind up being another day. The US FCC has EAS and 5G tests scheduled for today, and some think the “drills” may be something more than exercises.

Our government continues to push for people to do things that wouldn’t ordinarily do. Get the vaccine. Wear the mask. Just do what you’re told. Don’t question us.

I had to get the COVID vaccine, or the first part of it, as I’ve explained in the last two blog entries. I’m now weary about the second, seeing how you can catch COVID vaccinated or no.

So, if this winds up being “it” – and the odds of that are pretty remote, so be it. Otherwise, I’ll just keep on going.

A Week After The Jab

As I was saying last week, I’m now a week past my first COVID jab – and 19 days removed from my second. My purpose in writing these entries is my effort to show you how well the jabs work, or do not.

Mom’s been about the same since her hospital visit. The doctors think it’s a thyroid condition mimicking Alzheimer’s, but that runs on her end of the family. Her mother and my grandmother had a low thyroid and eventually had Alzheimer’s, while my four cousins on my Mom’s sister side have normal lives with low thyroid. I’m skeptical treating the thyroid will make a significant difference.

I suspect President Biden will lock the country down again next week – and that there will be some sort of resistance movement to it that will at least edge us closer to Civil War, if not get us there.

I’m just trying to live life a day at a time – not looking too far forward and not too far behind.

There’s talk of mandatory vaccines and blaming unvaccinated people for the lack of progress in terms of COVID. Needless to say, I don’t agree with that. When you give people the choice to get a vaccine or not, the choice is theirs – and the government should live with whatever the people decide without prejudice.

I got the shot a week ago because my mother was staying at a hospital at a point in time where COVID cases were spiking. If not for that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten one.

When August 23 comes, I will go get the second shot – hopefully I’ll be able to chronicle the ongoing results afterwards.