Looking Better Today…

To update you all on my mother, as I left things on a cliffhanger on Tuesday.

I contact the hospital each day, as they don’t allow visitors for patients with COVID, which Mom has – and rightfully so. When I contacted them yesterday, they told me she had been moving around – which in itself was reassuring.

How she got it – that’s an open question. You’d think in the COVID era that before a hospital would take in a patient, they would need to determine whether or not a patient has COVID. One might also think that they would administer COVID vaccines at the hospital – but they don’t do that. It’s strange that I can get two Moderna COVID jabs at Publix, but my mom can’t get one in two trips to the hospital.

Maybe the hospital doesn’t trust the testing – or has a reason not to vaccinate the patients. It’s just an oddity that goes with this odd world we live in. Medical personnel are mandated to get the vaccine in the coming weeks, but the unvaccinated patients can’t get vaccinated unless – they get COVID.

I could go on, but I won’t, It seems our world wants all of us to experience the problems, while simultaneously finding a way not to offer a clear cut solution.

Going For Two

I’ve decided to get the second COVID shot tomorrow.

I’m doing it in the effort that if something goes wrong, I may be able to warn others.

It might be the reason I was “placed” here by whatever powers that be.

I hope I’m not throwing my life away doing this, either. If you think I’m against vaccines – that’s not true. I think the choice to get it should be ours.

The oddity of it all is my mother has been to the hospital twice and hasn’t gotten the vaccine. By this time tomorrow, I will have gotten the vaccine by taking two trips to Publix.

I hope all goes well, but if not – I hope to tell you all about it as a lasting legacy.

Strangers In A Promised Land

The world has gotten increasingly surreal.

My mother is still in the hospital – I’m thinking things with her will never be the same. I’ve shut down my sports gaming enterprise to spend more time with her and take care of what ever’s left in her book before it closes.

The insanity of our government and their continuous partisanship over vaccinations continues its insane rage, driving the country apart. They now want a third of the country employed by companies of 100 or more people to get vaccinated – to the point where it’s a mandate.

Yes, I got the first shot, and I’m waiting on my mother’s release to get number two. The choice of whether we get the shot or not is our business. The government should be there for us regardless of what choice we make collectively.

But it will get worse – they’ll say if you’re unvaccinated, you won’t be able to travel. Maybe someday they’ll just flat out cut the unvaccinated off from everything.

It’s not right. It’s not humane. It should be stopped any way and every way possible.

We’re being told by the current occupant of the White House known for his cowardice and lies that there is no other way. So forgive my skepticism of him and my hope that things don’t have to BE this way.

Heck, maybe the vaccine is the virus. Anyone ever think of that?

Not The Best Thing To Wake Up To

I woke up on September 2nd and found my mother on the kitchen floor. I figured she had been down no more than an hour – and because I listen to music while sleeping, I didn’t hear her if she had called for help.

She was responsive, and I got her to sit up, but I couldn’t get her back to a standing position despite her telling me she was okay. I figured I should call 911, which I did.

She had bruised, maybe cut her elbow – but I was more concerned about her head. It was her second fall in a few weeks, and every time she falls she’s a bit more out of it. I suspect she has Alzheimer’s from her newly found mannerisms, and I’ve suspected that for months.

I thought her hospital stay would be one day. It’s going to be four at least and possibly more.

I haven’t been at the hospital since the first day. She always asking me when she can leave, always wanting me to help her leave. Always plotting.

Instead, I call the hospital every morning and get the progress reports from the nurses.

I turn 50 tomorrow. Oddly enough, my mother has been with me in some way for all of my birthdays. I’ve celebrated all but two in Florida – in 1996 I was in Georgia, in 1999, North Carolina.

This is going to be a strange one.