Keith Olbermann on Ray Rice

If you have to beat up a woman to get ahead in life, don’t waste my time.

It’s a shame the NFL didn’t come down harder on Ray Rice recently. As Keith Olbermann pointed out recently on his ESPN show, you can be a NFL player and get punishment more severely for smoking pot recreationally in a state where it is permissible than what Ray Rice got for his domestic incident this off-season.

The NFL basically told all of its female fans to go take a flying leap. Yeah, that’s good business…I say sarcastically.

I heard some sports commentators on the televised sports talk shows also got into trouble, but I never pay attention to those shows to begin with. They make politically based talk shows look tame by comparison.

A shame the NFL is doing this, and for what? So one of their star players gets back to his season quicker? Not right.


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