How I Am Who I Am


I get way too curious about things sometimes. Seems I have always had this problem.

It is not unusual to get caught up on why something the way it is and not just deal with the matters at hand. Take Sunday afternoon and my wrestling match with the computer over malware as mentioned in my most recent post. I got wound up about why the program was behaving a certain, and that led to me attempting to find a patch, which led to me finding the patch with malware in it.

That led to me to shooing the malware off of my computer most of the day.

If something was being explained to me, and I understood it, I’d still ask why as if I didn’t understand it. Not for sport, but for a greater understanding. A lot of people thought I’d ask things for jest, and regardless of how I’d explain things, that didn’t change their opinions.

I’d get friends and school chums flustered with this. They’d ask, “Why can’t you accept things the way that they are?!?”

I’d reply, “Why not?”

Some of you might know the phrase football coach John Madden uses to describe how his special teams are supposed to play: don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.

I’d probably be like, “Wait, what? We’re loading things onto a horse that’s blind?”

One of my school friends who I reconnected with on Facebook years later reminded me that her mother worked at one of the schools we went to. She had said about me when I was a kid, “He’s too smart for his own good.”

That about sums me up, I think.


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