Finding Malware


I looked at piece of software recently from NCH called VideoPad.

Finding a flaw in the video editing software, I thought I had found a patch to it online around 1pm today.  Big mistake, as the so-called “patch” was loaded to the gills with some very persistent malware. (Search-something…I’ve already omitted the name from memory.  Sorry.)

Every time I thought I had deleted one program I didn’t need, another program would pop up. Want to get me in a manic state? This is the thing that does it.

I’m brainstorming most of the afternoon, wondering what sequence of programs will get this malware off of my computer. It’s not just causing one set of problems, but several. I type the problems I’m encountering into my IPhone, and I’m quickly finding the answers through trial and error.

Within a few hours, my computer exorcised of its demons, hopefully to be permanently gone. It’s the kind of thing that drives me crazy and gets me in this obsessive mood I don’t enjoy being in.


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